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Emerging Talent

We believe you have more to offer than what's defined in your CV. Joining Day One is not just about your background, it's about uncovering your aspirations, values, and what makes you uniquely YOU. 

Once you've powered through our onboarding, brace yourself to be instantly matched with your very first Day One opportunity!

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Talent Seekers

First things first: create a profile that defines your company—showcasing your values, and giving a peek into your business's true essence.

Now, unlock the power to create custom opportunities and get instantly matched with enthusiastic, verified emerging talent!

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Talent Seeker Display
Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is an ever-present issue in society, and at Day One we are actively trying to confront it. Unconscious bias refers to the attitudes and stereotypes we have towards different groups of people, and it clouds our judgements and determines our actions without us even realising it. To combat this, the Day One platform will not display the name of emerging talent, and will instead be assigned a TalentID. Information such as your place of education will remain undisclosed until deemed appropriate to share. How you look will not be presented by a photograph- instead you will choose an avatar. Your avatar will also be in use in your first interview.