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Our Mission

Our story begins with a simple yet powerful ambition—to level the playing field for all aspiring professionals. We are committed to helping our talent clients evolve and grow, ensuring that they are better today than they were yesterday. Furthermore, we take pride in exceeding the expectations of companies that trust us to find them exceptional talent. 

At Day One, we see a world where job opportunities should be available to everyone based on their talent and ability, irrespective of experience or social connections, and it is our mission to facilitate this.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our strategy is simple yet ground-breaking. We aim to disrupt the traditional placement process with our unique approach. Day One provides talent with a golden opportunity to develop their portfolios. Through our comprehensive onboarding program, they gain the essential workplace skills, validate their technical abilities, and receive additional training to enhance soft skills like confidence and teamwork.

Our business model revolves around empowering career starters, giving them the tools they need to build virtual experience and validate their skills. We don't just stop there; we also provide coaching to transform them into valuable and productive employees from their very first day.

For companies seeking to fill roles for emerging digital talent, Day One offers a revolutionary solution. No more guessing games when it comes to recruitment. We select potential candidates based on their competence and aptitude, not their social connections, educational backgrounds, or prior experience.

We aim to disrupt the process of job placement by verifying both demand and supply of talent and delivering a validated match.

Our Culture

What truly sets us apart is our culture. At Day One, we've cultivated an environment where both our employees and clients can flourish. We cherish and celebrate diversity, recognizing that everyone brings a unique perspective to our CREW, which includes both you and us.

Our values serve as our guiding principles. We challenge ourselves and those around us to constantly strive for excellence. We respect the company, one another, and ourselves. Most importantly, we enjoy and cherish our work, and find fulfilment in the rewards of our collective efforts.