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Day One and The Growth Company Announce Strategic Partnership to Bridge the Tech and Digital Talent Gap

Day One, an HR-Tech Platform that matches emerging talent with opportunities, verifying skills and removing bias, allowing businesses to Hire Better, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership   with The Growth Company- an award-winning, accredited social enterprise with a mission to enable growth, create jobs and improve lives.

With this collaboration, they aim to harness the power of digital and tech skills programmes to meet the burgeoning demand for skilled professionals in IT, Digital Marketing, Software Development, and Data. Those learning with The Growth Company will have access to the Day One platform to access opportunities and will be matched to employers based on the skills they have learnt on their training programmes.

The Growth Company have a strong commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and they have furthered this commitment by partnering with Day One- a company who remove bias from the hiring process to enable fair and equitable access to opportunity. Day One’s innovative platform will mean that candidates from The Growth Company will be matched to their next opportunity based only on their skills, strengths and attributes.

Empowering the Next Generation of Tech Talent

The Growth Company is a UK-based organization dedicated to driving economic growth, business success, and skills development. Through a comprehensive range of services, it supports businesses with expert advice, funding, and networking opportunities, helping them start, grow, and thrive. Additionally, The Growth Company offers training and employment programs to enhance individual skills and career prospects. Collaborating with local authorities, government agencies, and industry partners, The Growth Company plays a vital role in fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic regeneration across communities.

Day One is revolutionising the hiring process through matching based on verification of skills whilst removing bias , which will seamlessly support The Growth Company’s robust pipeline of emerging digital and tech talent in work. This synergy is poised to create a dynamic ecosystem where aspiring tech professionals can find not just jobs, but careers that offer growth and fulfilment.

Together, they are empowering the next generation of tech talent that is pivotal for the future of innovation and the continued growth of the global economy. As technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, the demand for skilled professionals who can navigate, innovate, and shape the digital landscape is surging. The Growth Company is instrumental in empowering businesses and individuals alike through innovative solutions that drive sustainable growth and prosperity. Furthermore, fostering an inclusive environment that welcomes diverse perspectives is essential, as it drives innovation and reflects the global audience that technology serves. The next generation of tech talent holds the keys to unlocking technological breakthroughs and driving digital transformation, and empowering them starts with commitment, collaboration, and investment in their future today.

Aligning Goals for a Brighter Future

Sian Wilson, Co-Founder and Executive Director at Day One stated ‘ We are so pleased to announce our partnership with The Growth Company as part of our shared mission to promote equal and fair opportunities to all. With the strength of the skills programmes that emerging talent undertake with The Growth Company and the access to opportunities through the Day One platform we will be able to offer emerging digital and tech talent a positive start to their career journey’.

Join the Movement

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