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A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Workforce

We are excited to announce that we have signed up to the Tech Talent Charter, and by doing so, are joining their mission to increase diversity within the tech workforce. 

The TTC is a government-supported group who champion increasing diversity and inclusion in the technology industry. We join a range of organisations that are committed to recruit and promote fair opportunity for all, and we are honoured to be alongside important and influential companies such as Microsoft, BT, PWC and Sky. 

At Day One, we are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in the workforce and believe that everyone should be given equitable access to opportunity.  

There is still a long way to go to ensure that under-represented groups are treated equally and without bias in entering and progressing in the workplace. Currently, the gender split in the tech industry is not proportionate with only 38% of tech industry being female (although companies who are part of the TTC are 6% more gender diverse) and according to a study done by CFG (Coding for Girls), achieving gender parity in tech could add £2.6 bn to the UK economy so not only does it make economic sense to open opportunities for all; it also would bring different thinking and perspectives to businesses. And when it comes to diversity of different ethnic backgrounds there is even more disparity with those from ethic minority backgrounds being largely under-represented in the sector. All of these statistics show us that something must be done to address under-representation in the sector and we are committed to be part of this change. 

Our focus as a company is that the only thing that should matter when it comes to opportunities should be the individual themselves. Your background, social standing, gender and ethnicity should not be factors when it comes to finding an entry-level job, the only things that should matter should be what you bring to a business- your skills, values and what makes you you! We remove all bias from talent seekers, meaning that talent are assessed based on nothing other than the attributes and skills they bring to the table.  

We are excited that we part of a wide network of TTC signatories; supporting and valuing inclusivity and diversity- a main goal of Day One.